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Do you have any idea how often you use your garage door? Even if you open or close it when you just need to use your car, you may be using it more than 500 times a year. There are many homeowners in the United States who use their garage door as their main door. In such cases, you can imagine how many times a garage door is used in a day. Its difficult to keep track of it. All the while when you use your garage door, your garage door springs remain under great tension. Garage door springs are meant to counterbalance your garage door and hold it firmly in place. Alas, if one of these springs gives up, you cannot use your garage door until you get it replaced by experienced professionals. For your information, damaged garage door springs are dangerous to your car as well as your family members.

Know About Garage Door Springs in More Detail

Truth be told, springs are instrumental in maintaining the equilibrium of your garage door. They also contribute to the proper functioning and strengthen the security of your garage door. There are mainly two kinds of springs using in a garage door:

  • Torsion Springs-They come either single or in sets of two. Torsion springs are meant to hold a heavy garage door in place. They are placed over the wall above a garage door.
  • Extension Springs-These springs are used in smaller garage doors. These springs are fit for doors that weigh less than 350 pounds. They are installed on both sides of a garage door track.

There is no denying the fact that the repairing or replacement of a garage door spring is not a childs play as it needs a great deal of expertise and technical knowledge. If someone fails to install your garage door springs correctly, it may pose danger your life or cause serious accidents. Therefore, it is a smart move to hire a reputed expert and get the job done in a professional manner. When you think of hiring professionals, cost is the first thing that will cross your mind. You may be thinking that hiring professionals means shelling out a huge out of money. If you are really thinking on these lines, please banish this thought from your mind. With Garage Door Repair Fremont, you get quality services at an affordable price. Our quality beats that of other garage door companies whose services are overly priced.

How Do We Replace Garage Door Springs?

Our garage door springs replacement starts with scrutinizing a garage door. The selection of a garage door spring is determined by the size of your garage door, the kind of garage door you are using and the location where you stay. These are the foremost criteria that need to be considered while selecting a garage door spring.

We are here to give you the perfect solution for your garage door problems. Our garage door solutions always prove to be helpful in the long run; so you can be at peace when you hire us for torsion spring replacement. Not only this, the good news is yet to be disclosed. We offer lifetime warranty on all garage door springs. Plus, we sell torsion and extension springs of all sizes. All the work related to garage doors is carried out by our certified professionals.

How To Determine Whether You Have Faulty Garage Door Springs?

As a new garage door user, you may not have the foggiest ideas about the various problems that you may encounter in your garage door. You may not be aware of each and every part of your door. Since a garage door constitutes more than 200 parts, its not possible to know about every single part. Here is how you can figure out whether your garage door springs have become dysfunctional:

  • Your garage door stops abruptly while opening.
  • Your door seems to hang crookedly.
  • There is a gap in your door spring.
  • Your garage door springs seem to have lost their tension and seem irregular and elongated.

Normal Lifespan of Garage Door Springs

The lifespan of garage door springs is rated in terms of cycles. One cycle includes the complete opening and closing of a garage door. As per industry standards, a garage door spring must complete a minimum of 10,000 cycles. Garage door springs of a better quality, however, complete 100,000 cycles. Yet, as per experts, you need to go for torsion spring replacement for garage door after 7-12 year due to reasons such as wear and tear. Garage Door Repair Fremont offers garage door springs that have a long lifecycle. Plus, we offer lifetime warranty on garage door springs. This proves like an icing on the cake to those who approach us for garage door springs replacement.

What Are The Reasons To Hire Our Company?

The garage door springs torsion spring repair cost in our company wont burn a hole in your pocket. Our services are affordable yet quality-centric. Due to our incomparable services, we are counted as one of the best companies in Fremont. The online reviews talk about us as a quality garage door service provider in Fremont. Read below to know more about services:

  • We respond to our customers in one call that too 24/7. Be it night or day, we work for our customers ceaselessly to fulfill their garage door needs. We respond to them in no time.
  • All our technicians are highly knowledgeable and competent. No matter how complex a garage door issue is, they try to fix it as soon as possible.
  • We are never closed even on holidays and weekends. We understand that garage door springs issues can arise at any time of the day. Therefore, we are at our customers’ disposal every day.
  • We also offer emergency services to our customers that are characterized by minimum downtime, may be an hour.

Whether your garage door has broken torsion spring or broken extension spring, you need to get it replaced as soon as possible. We have everything that is required for offering effective garage door services. Call our helpline today if you are looking for immediate garage door services.

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